The Little Red Book of Trump Quotations


Trump in his own words is the most damning evidence available, and here you see lots of his own words. They are so outrageous, you will laugh. Then you will feel like crying.

Then comes ACTION.

At the March 2017 Town Meeting, I introduced an Advisory Motion to impeach Donald Trump based on the U.S. Constitution prohibition of emoluments. This motion was successful.

The news traveled a bit. A bank clerk in a nearby town asked, “Are you the one who introduced that impeachment motion?” When I nodded she grinned, “Thank you!”

But most of the state and the nation ignored our vote. None of my messages provoked a response from any of my liberal Congressional representatives. Even my local paper ignored our vote.

So I wrote a book: Trump, Trump, Trump: The March of Folly. I sent it to media around the country. I sent it to people I’ve admired for years.


Ralph Nader responded. That’s another story, a great story, I’ll share one of these days.

Stubbornly, I’ve written another book: The Little Red Book of Trump Quotations. The book arranges things The Donald has said into popular idioms: From All in a day’s work to Zero Out.

In-between there are some laugh-out-loud configurations. Somehow, reading what The Donald says related to Sharpest Knife in the drawer and A show of hands, for example, causes an aha! moment for the reader. Aha! and grin.

If I do say so myself, the result is a) eye-opening

b) maddening

c) laugh-out-loud funny

In an experiment that is probably foolhardy, I am trying to sell this book by avoiding Amazon. You can participate in this act of conscience by sending me $10.00. Yes, send me ten bucks and I’ll send you a book that needs to be read.

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Send $10 to Susan Ohanian, PO Box 26, Charlotte, VT 05445. The book will be in the mail the next day.

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Both books contain plenty of evidence of electile dysfunction