Save the Climate: Ration

The technological solution to global warming is a self-serving myth. Instead of waiting for technological evangelism to save us, we must take the first step in personal responsibility: reduce consumerism:

  • Grow local
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Walk more, drive less
  • Visit your library instead of the shopping malls
  • Change your focus on the 10 sites to see before you die: look local

In January 1940, England began food rationing, starting with: butter, sugar, bacon, and ham. Later other foods were restricted: meat, fish, jam, biscuits, cheese, eggs, and milk. Actually, despite all the hardship that rationing brought, the food restrictions resulted in more healthy eating for many people.

Rationing should be considered today–as a guide to healthier bodies and a healthier planet.

Mending clothes as well as bodies:

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