Phonics Encounters

My first grade teacher was a stern, no-nonsense disciplinarian. I am sure we had phonics galore. But I remember only one reading lesson from that year. Because I was a good reader, teachers decided I should skip second grade and go to third. So I gave it a try. I joined a third grade reading group in round robin reading, pronouncing “island” with a short “i”. After the teacher gently explained my mistake, I went home and announced I wasn’t going to any grade that read that way.

I was already the youngest kid in the class and fortunately, my parents nixed the plan of my skipping a grade, deciding I should move on to second grade with the rest of my class.

From time to time, this memory pops up, and I wonder how phonics zealots would teach kids to handle these words:

Isaac Isabel

isles Islam

isolate issue

isocracy Israel

Is there a rule? I haven’t a clue.

Actually, the capital “I” brings back my strongest memory from elementary school, also happening in first grade. Our teacher was severe in her punishment of kids who didn’t toe the line–in reading and everything else. I remember the horror of just walking in the room, trying to avoid puddles on our wood floor, left by the boys she scared into peeing in their pants. She also picked on my best friend, who wasn’t a good student. I knew I was the teacher’s pet but I hated this role and worked at figuring out ways of diverting the teacher derision away from my friend. When I saw the teacher was ready to pounce, I distracted her. This was a huge responsibility. I was 5 1/2 years old.

One day the teacher told me to stay in at recess and teach one of those boys who peed to make a cursive capital “I” on the blackboard. She had a fit when she came back ten minutes later. Two boards were filled with his letters–all the loops on the right side, not the left.

“Susan! You know this is wrong!!!!!”

I figured which side the loop went didn’t matter. I knew–and she knew–that was a capital “I”– written 100 times. I shrugged and accepted that the school had certain unfathomable rules–like capital “I” and how to pronounce “island.” My lingering memory of those rules provokes the following.

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