Sex and Syllabification Conjugal Consonants & More! National Reading Tribunal 24-Hour News

NRT adjutant General Back from Kindergarten War Zone. Set for appearance on Fox News.

Congresses Passes Bill Sylvan Airport Passsenger Phonemic Awareness Test not mandetory. Ultra-Business travelers lobby for hardship exclusion.

Classroom Bomb Threat a Hoax Toledo, OH. Police blew up brown paper bag containing bologna, not embedded modifiers. Agents from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Umlauts secured the site.

Cruise/Cruz sign up for Spielberg premier phonics ballet: Differential Cryptoanalysis of the CR Blend set for release in the Fall.

Bickering Stalls Schwa Stimulus Package Attorney General warns partisanship swirling around the President’s plan threatens national security.

Calls for National Guard Lesson-Monitoring represents locals keeping their neighborhood safeSpecial Report NRT Special Counsel warns blends resistance cells proliferating

Hispanic Sentence-Diagrammer-of-Year Award

RESEARCH MATTERS The Effects of Phonemic Instruction on PreSchoolers Who Own Turtles: A Model-Based Metanalysis Special Report from the US Dept of Agriculture funded by the Gates Foundation

RESEARCH MATTERS The Effects of Computer-Mediated Phonics on the Acne Severity of Middle-School Readers Special Report from US Deprtment of Energy

RESEARCH MATTERS The Effects of Phonemic Intervention with At-Risk Youth Allergic to Eggplant Special Report from Arne Duncan, Emerson Collective

Attack on Phonics! Are Your Children Victims? Learn about Keeping your loved ones safe. Tonight at 6.

Speak up! Should anyone receive a high school diploma without first demonstrating homograph proficiency? Meet this Fortune 500 star who says NO! Live at 7

UP CLOSE and PERSONAL Chicago family without access to 16 rules for syllabification hit hard. Hear their painful story. Live at 8

Phonemic Awareness Neighborhood Watch Taking on Terror. Only YOU can keep our communities safe. Live at 9

Shakespeare’s Schwas Thomas B. Fordham Institute Special Report. Live at 10


STOP Rationalizing Evil! Why I Believe in Dipthongs, Bill Gates, New York Times Op-Ed

Professorial Terrorism: Stifling Vowel Digraphs on Campus, New York Times front page

The Phonics Crisis: Why Poor Children Fall Behind, New York Times front page

The Case for Phonics Vouchers, New York Times Business Section

How a Phonics Advocate Spends Her Sundays, New York Times weekend special

While busy studying for law degrees at Harvard, this couple found time for romance at a phonics picnic, New York Times, Vows

The Phonics Disaster: What Lazy, Ignorant, Abusive Teachers Don’t Want You To Know about Lack of Phonics in Their Classrooms, New York Post front page

The Phonics Disaster: What Lazy, Ignorant, Abusive Teachers Don’t Want You To Know About Lack of Phonics in Their Classrooms, Fox News at 6

What Makes an Economy Grow? PHONICS Business Roundtable warns that 93.863% of Americans live inphonics poverty, subsisting on fewer than five short vowels a day. Tune in for Phonics Good News Marathon!